The Basics II
And now the most expensive part of paintball....... nope it's not the marker, it's
the paintballs. On average you can get paintballs for 12.00 per 500 however when
you stop and think about how many paintballs you use a adds up in a
There is no great  or fabulous balls out there... only a matter of opinion and what
works best with your marker and barrel setup. The thing I learned about
paintballs is 1) Don't buy Brass Eagle paintballs.
2) Drop a paintball into your barrel.. if it falls through with no resistance it is too
small. If it get stuck and you can not blow it out then the ball is too big. Ideally
you want to drop it in and it stop just inside the lip. Blow into barrel like you
would a blowgun it it pops out then you have a good match and should continue
to use that brand and style of paintball.
The last of the basic supplies would be your clothing. What you wear is going to
depend on what you can afford and what kind of scenarios you will be playing. If
you plan on playing speed ball or dodge the paintball then just about anything
goes. If you want to play "Capture the Flag" or some kind of military
re-enactment then I would suggest some army camos or hunters camo.
I would suggest a tee-shirt with a jacket (depends on the weather as to how
heavy or light) BDU's or denim type of pants, hiking boots and fingerless gloves.
I would also highly recommend some kind of ball cap to wear under your face
mask for extra head protection.