Trigger Run Rattlers was first concieved in 2005 and has slowly
taken shape since. We average approximately 15 memebers that
want and play on a regular basis. We've lost some members and
gained new ones and along the way and have been part of another
scenerio team were we learned a great deal. We are striving to
become a recreational /scenerio team, who's main focus is to get
out and have some clean, safe fun.
Some of the team attended Black Hawk Down at
Paintball Field in Harwood, TX with the team we were part of at
the time and helped get the MVT award. From there we attended
Operation Pegaus Bridge, Operation Market Gardens, NvsS, Black
Hawk Down at Forney and
Oklahoma DDay 2006 and Battle for
Mogadishu 2007. (see the Game Pics page.)
It is also my goal to see the team to come together as a Outreach
Mission for all ages in this area. I have started talks with a few
area youth Ministers and Pastor as well as finding a great group of
Christians Paintball Players to get advise and information to this
end. (see links page)