The Basics Page
what you need to get started
First thing you need is a gun, or marker in paintball terms. Unless you have played on a
rental field or with friends, my suggestion is to start with a cheap marker however I don't
mean a cheap made marker. You can get markers from any price range, from 20.00 to
several thousands of dollars, I would recomend a
Brass Eagle Avenger. While Brass Eagle has
a tarnished reputation, some of their markers are decent and the Avenger is a good starter

Once you have played awhile and get the hang of it and if it gets into your blood then by all
means branch out and explore the possibilities out there. I will not even try to list all the
markers there are. I will say that my preference is the
Tippman Markers. They are very
durable and easy to maintain.
A Marker
Next you will need to get a hopper for your marker. There are not as many
hoppers as there are markers but there is stil a good selection. Any where from
a cheap 5.00 hopper to a good motorized for 100.00. The thing to look at here
is 1) How often do you plan to play
2) What kind of marker are you getting?
3) How much do you want to spend?
If you are not planing on play much and will only get a basic marker, then get
a cheap hopper. If it gets into your blood and you want to play every weekend
and spend some bucks on a good marker then you will want to check into the
motorized hoppers to feed the balls into your marker faster and better.
Then you need something to power your marker. Depending on what marker
you start with, you could be using anything from 12gram Co2 cartidges to
20oz Co2 tanks.You will more than likely want to get a Co2 tank rather than
the cartidges. Co2 tanks range in size from 4oz to 20oz and price anywhere
from 15.00 to 36.00.
Again if you really get into this sport you may want to spend some big bucks
on Nitro tanks but this is something you can look into later.
The next item you need to get is a VERY important piece of equipment Your
Face Mask. Paintballs travel, on avarage, at 285 feet per second,
IF your
marker is set correctly. I have been hit in the back with one that had been set
wrong, 390 fps. At about 30 feet away it was enough to knock me to my
knees and draw blood and leave a bad bruise for 3 weeks. I don't even want
to think about what that would do to an unprotected head, therefore invest
well and wisely in a face mask. Wal-Mart sells a basic mask for 20.00 and
even has a new helmet type that covers your entire head for 30.00